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Kyler is hanging out with Bootsy at the Party Door!

Shreyovi's taco man with lots of cheese.

Shreyovi's coiled pot!

A Dragon, as imagined by Savannah!  This is Fire, her D&D character from this summer.

Check out Delphia's matching rainbow fish and shirt!

Shreyovi's version of Bootsy's house with a rooftop terrace accessed by stairs to go up and slide to go down. Also a tree lookout!

Savannah is taking a bit of her taco!

Kyler displays his Lego house!

Kyler is ready to grow some magic beans!

Wow, look at Faye's taco!

Shreyovi made a Lego wagon pulled by herself. She and her friend take turns pulling the wagon and playing with butterflies and flowers!

Jackson's flying machine has a handy ladder for boarding!

Dylan, Harper and Jackson made a school of rainbow fish!

Luar loves his Code Mouse that he got from the Book Buck Prize Store!

Sierra actually painted her fish with rainbow colors BEFORE finding out we were making rainbow fish!

Zayan contemplates his fish.

Check out the polka dots on Star-Lilly's fish!

Metolius is is ready to take a swim with his fish!

Jasper's Double Lego Display - Rabbit and Farm!

Yum!  Luar has ice cream at the woodland tea time picnic!

Delphia is visited by a Luna Moth!

Sippin' the sun with Sierra :)

Zayan's crazy, delicious taco man!

Clay pot with mini figure, by Journey.

Sierra takes a picture with her taco!

Charlie eats his taco!

Kyler displays his coil pottery technique.

Metolius is wearing the taco's face!

Luar's rabbit has horizontal ears!

Kyler's taco has lots of tomatoes!

Journey made his own UNICORN FARM!

Journey's Leggy Bunny, made with all minifigures legs.

Kyler's Farm pumps honey into bottles for shipment.

Eva's Dragon!

Harper's very well organized Lego farm!

Purple Hedgehog, by Star-Lilly!

Hedgehog riding a zip line!  By, Charlie.

Sierra's  Pom Pom Hedgehogs!

Luar is busy doing summer activities!

Gideon's Lego farmer is hard at work.

Tobe builds a bridge.

Kyler, bridge designer.

Take & Make Dragon, crafted by River.

Tobe demonstrates the firing breathing dragon.

Beulah's been busy with building blocks!

Gideon and his origami rabbit.

Jasper's dragon attacks!

Harper's Bridge.

Luar is pulling his wagon.

"Bridge Over Pool," by Savannah.

Isaiah's multi-level bridge.

Luar is back home!

Shreyovi's message in a bottle to Bootsy. Please come visit us! Would you like to be our pet cat ♥

Shreyovi made a bridge for Bootsy to cross the water in a train.

Journey's house, exterior view.

Journey's house, interior view.

Luar is ready to watch his beanstalk grow!

Maven's taco has beautiful eyelashes!

Shreyovi made a dragon - like bird with long wings to fly high and a long tail to play fetch.

Shreyovi made a turtle farm!  There are five turtles on the farm: turtle, water, flower, butterfly and pepper.

Harper's flying machine has some great wings!

Metolius's shield is big!

Luar's fish has rainbow stripes!

Crosby has a beautiful, speckled fish!

Jasper has an ice cream sandwich during tea time with the forest animals.

Maven shares her wagon with us!

My Little Pot, by Zayan.

Eva's coil pot matches her nail polish!

Kyler's hoppy, blocky rabbit.

That's a good looking taco man, Star-Lilly!

The map bag is a hay roller and loader to give the animals on Crosby's farm hay.

Tobe made a jackrabbit; it has extra long ears. 

Crosby's taco mask!

A message in a bottle, by Eva!

Gus wrangles alligators on his alligator farm. 

Lots of green growth on Jackson's farm.

A Lego Space Bridge, by Rose.

Luar is eating his friend Mr. Taco!

Kyler's hedgehog creation!

Rose's wagon is full!

Maven's Bridge!

Tobe made a couple of hedgehog friends.

Draven makes a GIANT bridge!

Sierra's shield matches her dress!

Piper's creatively crafted cube bridge.

Origami Rabbit by Journey.

The artist Journey has titled this piece "Bridge to Books and Bridge to Movies."

Lego Block Bridge, designed by Gideon.

An origami rabbit, by River.

Shield of Journey.

Jasper and his wagon on a bridge!

Luar prepares for launch!

Jackson displays his Bridge and Wagon.

Journey's Fantastic Wagon.

Invitation to Sierra's "after virus" party. 

Gus and his magic, walking wagon!

Luar's message in a bottle.

Sierra's Girl Dragon.

Gus's Cthulhu inspired "Horror in Paper."

Shreyovi made a rainbow fish!

Zayan's planter is decorated with stickers!

For the tea party, Shreyovi made a tomato bread egg-cheese sandwich, lamb burger and two cupcakes, vanilla and pistachio flavored with flower toppings.

Luar's magic flying rocket robot. He can fly 100 miles per hour!

Journey's super bendy rainbow fish!

Crosby made a red shield!

Kyler's fish came out swimmingly well!

Eva's colorful rainbow fish!

Faye has a cute, green hedgehog friend!

Journey says "Treats at the bone grill, I take a banana from the wolf leader for peace."

Journey's Flying Purple People o Nator picks up the people. 

Luar's cookie snail pot!

Watch out!  Eva has a catapult!

A Lego Wagon, by Kyler.

Journey's Taco - "Taco cat reversed is taco cat!"

Gus munches on his taco.

Nothing is going to get past Eva's taco!

Zayan made a hedgehog!

Luar's hedgehog!

Eva makes a hedgehog!

Zayan is reading a book with Dad.

Hedgehogs by Journey, one has an eye patch!

Tobe made a wind farm complete with pizza fed horse and banana tree.

Make way for Beulah's wagon!

Luar's farm with animals outside the barn.

Tobe's hover wagon delivers pizza.

Zoey makes TWO bridges!

Dragon "Take & Make" craft, by Kyler.

Beulah's Bridge!

Bridge of Legos, by River.

Gideon's Dragon.

Rabbits, handcrafted by origami artist Luar.

Luar's shield.

Jasper's Bridge.

Luar's bridges over the river and lake.

Tobe's shield has a star!

Crosby's bridge is equipped with sensors! Monsters are kept off the bridge so they won't break it while everyone who is allowed to use it is kept on.

Jackson's tiny but mighty bridge.

Gus observes the Kraken's reach as Big Foot takes a stroll on the grassy bank of the river below his LEGO bridge.

"My Crazy Dragon," by Luar.

Isaiah's wagon!

Tobe's message in a bottle is an invitation to his next birthday party!

Zayan is sending a message in a bottle.

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