The Care and Feeding of a Pet Black Hole

By Michelle Cuevas

Ages: 8-12    AR: 4.8     Lexile: 710

Who knew having a pet black hole could cause so much trouble?  Stella Rodriguez learns the hard way when a black hole follows her home from NASA one day and seems to want to live in her house as a pet!

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Batchelder Award promotes international understanding.

The Mildred L. Batchelder Award is awarded to a United States publisher for a children's book considered to be the most outstanding of those books originating in a country other than the United States and in a language other than English and subsequently translated into English for publication in the United States during the preceding year.  Batchelder joined the ranks of the American Library Association in 1936 and spent the next 30 years working as an ambassador to the world on behalf of children and books, encouraging and promoting the translation of the world's best children's literature. Her life's work was "to eliminate barriers to understanding between people of different cultures, races, nations, and languages."

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