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Request a book through the catalog.

Did you know we  have an online kid's card catalog that you can use to search for books?  If you log in with your library card you can even order the ones you want.  We'll find them for you and then let you know when you can come get them.  It's that easy! 

Let us know if you need help logging in!

Request a book by email.

Just send us a message and tell us what books you want.  You can check the catalog first to see if we have them, or we'll check for you.

New Books

Autumn is the time to curl up under a warm blanket with a good book!  Take a look at some of these recent arrivals and see if anything catches your eye.

Insider tip: We call that "browsing the stacks" in librarian lingo!

Outdoor Adventures

Arkansas is known as the Natural State because of all the beautiful lakes, streams and forested mountains that we have.  Learn a little bit more about enjoying the great outdoors with some of these wonderful books available at your library!

Crafting at Home

Are you looking for some fun projects to do at home this summer?  We have books for all different ages that are sure to inspire your creativity!

Picture Books

Sharing books with your children when they are young is a sure way to help them grow into lifelong readers.    Here are just some of the newest read-aloud titles in our collection!

Teacher goes viral after sharing list of best children's books about race and diversity

Recently, Brittany Smith, a 27-year-old teacher from New Jersey, shared a list of  books on a now viral twitter post to help parents teach their children about race, racism, different cultures and diversity.  Here are some of the titles from that list that are available in our collection if you would like to check one out.