Bootsy Poupeton

The Storytime Reading Cat

Who is Bootsy Poupeton?  It might be easier to ask who isn't Bootsy Poupeton!  Hero, scholar, explorer, humble cat. Few felines are as prow, fewer still are so willing to share their talents for the good of all.  As renowned as Bootsy is in our world and his own,  there's still much we don't know about this elusive cat, but careful study of his remarks has revealed to us some clues.  We know, for example, that Bootsy can often be found in the company of royalty, that in his world it snows popcorn and that his house sits near a bridge that spans a wide river. 

Unfortunately, we also know that the occurrence of a Leap Year in Bootsy's world causes a Great Reshuffling during which time ANYTHING might change. It could suddenly stop snowing popcorn and start snowing curdled eggs from that day forward instead!   Because of this, just when we think we are starting to understand Bootsy's world, we realize we know nothing at all!

One thing we do know for certain: With his exciting stories, tricky riddles and captivating personality, there truly is no better Storytime Reading Cat than Bootsy Poupeton!  

Bootsy and his adoring fans.

This form reveals many clues about the real Bootsy Poupeton!