Weekly Lego Creative Challenge

This Week's Lego Creative Challenge

You're back home at last!  What does it look like?

You can still go back and do any challenges you missed....!

Previous Challenges

Week One

It's time for us to embark on our Lego journey and how better to do that than to head off over a bridge that leads to the road going to the unknown? Your first challenge is to use your building blocks to create a BRIDGE of your own imagination!

Week Two

Crossing the bridge and beginning your journey first thing you stumble upon is a wagon that someone has left on the side of the road. Is it an empty wagon or is it carrying something? Is it big or small? Is there a person or creature there that pulls the wagon? Build a wagon and send us a picture!

Week Three

Bootsy visits the Unicorn Farm where he reveals the next Lego challenge.

Bootsy, Huey, Louie, Dewey and Fooey @ the Library..
Bootsy, Huey, Louie, Dewey and Fooey @ the Library..

Week Four

Bootsy shared with us this great selfie of himself and his rabbit friends outside the library this week.  When out of town guests come to visit, a trip to the Carnegie Public Library is always in order!  Speaking of rabbits....

Your Lego journey has taken you over a bridge, past a wagon, and by a farm. As you leave the farm, you see a magical looking rabbit dart across the road, down a small path into the forest. Curious, you follow it! Using your Legos, construct a rabbit.

Week Five

Last week, you may remember, you were following a magical rabbit down a path through the forest. Before long, you turn a corner of the path and come upon a woodland tea party! You can hardly believe your eyes. Several different animals sit at a lovely table that is covered with the most wonderful, delicious treats that you can imagine. The rabbit invites you to join them and offers you first choice of whatever you want from the table. What do you take? Is it something sweet? Is it food or is it a drink? Whatever it is, build it with Legos and send us a picture, along with a note telling us what goodie you chose to make!

Week Six

After the Tea Party, one of your new friends of the forest offers you a ride home.  It's a trip that will take you flying above the clouds!