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2022 ARSL Conference

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2022 Coupon Book

A Note About In-Person Events...

While our Coupon Book format allows teens to fully participate in the Summer Reading Program without necessarily coming to in-person events, we do still host teen gatherings all summer long.  For those whose schedule and transportation situation doesn't hinder their ability to participate, we encourage attendance the following ways:

• Advertising our calendar of events in the opening pages of the Coupon Book so they can find the information easily and are reminded of it every time they go to do another coupon.

• Sending event reminders using text messaging or post cards.

• Talking about upcoming events when we're interacting with teens who are turning in their coupons.

• Scheduling events on the same day as we normally do them throughout the year.  We've built up attendance at our programs all year long by hosting them every week on the same day after school.  This allows many to get here by using the school bus and then parents only have to worry about picking them up.  Consistently having a program every week has made it easier for teens to remember and to get into the habit of attending. The numbers at these regular events started out low, but have grown over time via word-of-mouth and through the connections we make with new teens who engage with the Coupon Book.

Check out the 2023 Coupon Book put together by Warsaw Public Library, New York!